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Journey of Love - Oracle Set

Journey of Love - Oracle Set

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Created by Alana Fairchild | Rassouli | Richard Cohn

Oracle cards are a great tool to guide you through energy and to lead you to the wisdom that already lies within you. Use them as you feel called whether it be to get guidance for a specific situation, journal prompts, or just as daily inspiration.

"These cards are designed to assist you to find your authentic path through opportunities for growth presented to you in all aspects of your life, especially in your relationships, not only with others, but in your sacred relationship with yourself."

When you first receive your deck, gift the cards with your energy by touching each one. Ask that you be divinely guided by the cards and that messages may come through clearly. There are many different ways that oracle cards are used. Pick one or pick 5. Lay them freely or in a format. There truly are no rules, just follow your spirit.

70 Oracle Cards + Guidebook | Blue Angel Publishing

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