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Kids Genuine Hazelwood + Amethyst Necklace

Kids Genuine Hazelwood + Amethyst Necklace

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Created by CanyonLeaf

Children are ever growing & can experience some discomforts along the way. This beautiful, handmade 12" necklace is intended to help relieve some of those discomforts.

When Hazelwood is worn the phytochemicals in the wood have an antioxidant effect on the body. The wood absorbs excess acidity from the body resulting in a more balanced PH. This leads to relief from eczema, joint pain, rashes, digestive issues, headaches, teething, and more.

Amethyst holds many healing benefits as well and is known to be a stone that promotes serenity and calm.

When the Hazelwood begins to turn black on the inside it has reached its full potential and should be replaced.

*CanyonLeaf jewelry is made to be worn and not chewed. Children should be supervised at all times while wearing. Jewelry should be removed while sleeping or unattended.

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