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Palo Santo Smudge Stick

Palo Santo Smudge Stick

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Palo Santo, also known as the "Holy Wood", has been used for centuries for its healing and cleansing benefits. Palo Santo is purifying, energy protecting and brings a deep connection to the divine. Its scent is a sweet medley of pine, cedar, and citrus. As with Sage, it should be used intentionally as it is a sacred tree of the Earth.

How to:

-Begin by expressing gratitude to the wood for its life and now its offering of healing benefits.

-Light your Palo Santo until a flame holds. Gently blow out the flame. Have a bowl or shell underneath to catch any fallen embers.

-With intention, wave your Palo Santo around your space to cleanse and clear. Ask that all energy be brought into harmony and that all negative energies be transmuted into positive. Call in clarity, wisdom, peace, vitality and anything else you feel called to.

-Give thanks once more and gently put out the embers. 

Feel the transformation and renewed space.

-Always use caution while burning anything in your home. Be sure that the Palo Santo is completely out before leaving it unattended. 

*Our Palo Santo is ethically and sustainably harvested in Ecuador.

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